A test or a blessing?

Sometimes I think the tests from the Almighty is a blessing in disguise.

I am currently facing one of the hardest tests I’ve ever encountered in my life (as of now). It triggered my depression,  I feel lost and at times I feel like giving up because it’s just so hard.

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Love? What do you understand about love? It’s very subjective that sometimes I think I don’t and won’t really understand what it means.

I have a boyfriend now. I told him I love him. I think I love him, but… Continue reading


1st January 2018

I decided to run away. To be free. This is the year I’m gonna express myself in ways I’m comfortable with – which led to the birth of this blog. Little Ms Red Riding Hood. You can call me that, or just A, if it’s too long. I love writing. I love expressing my thoughts. But at the same time, I’m scared of opening up. The thought of people knowing too much about me is just … too much for me to handle.

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